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Melden While The Beatles put out so much wonderful material, most of it beyond good, with an extraordinary amount simply ground breaking, for me, it will always be their singles that hold the most revered spot in my heart.

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There was something about beatles paperback writer rain single essence of their singles that was totally unlike anything they released on their albums that sets these songs apart Often the songs were so good, and so out of place in context or structure that the single would never be placed on an album Pepper, had they used some of the Sgt. Pepper numbers Consider Sgt. Pepper, Revolver, Rubber Soul, and of course Magical Mystery Tour, where nearly all of beatles paperback writer rain single splendid singles that came to be during their psychedelic phase, would have brightened, along with lengthening, my favorite albums from that time period.

With the number already put to bed, Lennon took a copy home with him, threaded it backwards, he claims from being overly stoned, and was confronted with hearing his voice backwards, coming face to face with effects he would use several other times … yet with sobriety in mind, it was actually George Martin who was reaching into one of his bags of tricks here.

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There also seems to be a slipping or a slide at the beginning of the song, this was due to the tape not having been rewound tightly enough, with the effect being rather spooky, prophetic and entirely magical. One film features the Beatles walking and singing in both a garden and a greenhouse filmed on the 20th of May at Chiswick House in London.

Review by Jenell Kesler.

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