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Love travelling? You can also learn languages on a beach! Make the most out of your holidays, discover the world and improve your language skills!

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Foreign languages aren't for you? That's not true: 2 weeks abroad, and your English will sound much better! Meet new friends, enjoy your life abroad and dive into a foreign language!

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You'll see… it really works! Learning languages can be great fun: online tutorials, language games and new apps! Football camp, horse-riding or helping out with an eco-project: the best way to learn a language is by doing something you enjoy! You've graduated high school — but what next?


Gap-year, volunteering, on-the-job training? You'll only have this opportunity once in your lifetime! Take advantage of it, expand your horizons and get to know the world and yourself! Expert consultants from universities and professional schools will be able to help you with orientation and getting first-hand information!


Plan your stay abroad, broaden your horizons, learn how to speak a foreign language fluently and make new friends from the whole world! The professional world is international: Anyone who can speak different languages will benefit from it later in their working life. Make a start in your global future!

Want to spend a semester abroad, get an academic berlin dating culture or do an internship abroad? We can help you to find opportunities which will berlin dating culture your exact expectations!

Are languages the main subject of your university program? New learning materials, berlin dating culture seminars, modern language research trends and languages in business — everything under one roof! The world is much bigger than you think: leave your comfort zone and engage with local sustainable projects, work or volunteer abroad.

Experience other cultures in daily working life and see yourself from a new perspective! Get inspired! Fascinating reports, experiences of living abroad and other exciting opportunities. Talk to our young experts; they will be on-site for you and are already looking forward berlin dating culture consulting you!

Being a student is berlin dating culture advantageous: you will find out everything about exclusive students' discounts while traveling and münchen menschen seriöse singlebörsen kostenlos österreich abroad! Scholarships, grants, contests and so much more!

This information is extremely valuable. Want to hear more? Although sometimes they don't notice it until much later, you are the one who showing them the right path, giving them new impulses and opening all doors — all these will crucially shape their future. Show your pupils how many diverse opportunities they can gain by learning languages and spending time abroad! Motivate the pupils by letting them know how important it is to have an international education in a globalized world.

Prepare your child's stay abroad as thoroughly as possible!

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Give your child this incomparable experience, but also take your doubts and concerns seriously before berlin dating culture Only the best is good enough for your child! But "the best" does not necessarily mean "expensive".

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Compare the offers and inform yourself thoroughly! It is important to invest time: a stay abroad requires trust and professionalism.

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Get personal advice and use the services of independent consultants! Your child is growing up bilingual — how can you berlin dating culture them? You will also get first-hand information about early childhood language learning: international kindergartens, nannies, games and educational toys.

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Talk to our experts and visit the lectures on this topic! Download your free ticket here. Are you studying foreign languages or have you already finished a program with a similar focus?

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Are you looking for suitable studying options or training for a future job with foreign languages? Are you thinking of doing an internship or voluntary service abroad? Are berlin dating culture ready to discover the world and work abroad?

14 stories

Would you like to get advice from experts on how best to apply for international jobs? Do you want to talk to Polyglots and learn from their experiences? Download your free ticket and come on over!

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