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hard summer 2019 single day tickets

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For that reason, the program, including all public events as well as workshops, is subject to change, postponement or even cancellation depending on how the Covid pandemic develops. We are working hard on flexible and creative responses to a very difficult challenge, possibly including various online options.

In view of this reality, we are not yet accepting registrations.

hard summer 2019 single day tickets

We also recommend signing up for our newsletter. A viral hard summer 2019 single day tickets that began barely five months ago in a marketplace has quickly swept over the planet. The Covid pandemic shows again that we inhabit one world irrespective of political borders.

hard summer 2019 single day tickets

At present, we are continuing to plan for Yiddish Summer in the hope that it may be safe again to be together in public by mid-July. We are also following very carefully how the pandemic develops, and we will keep you updated about any changes that may be necessary.

We will be working hard to respond creatively to this unpredictable situation. For now, we wish all of you to stay safe and healthy!

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Practice social distancing but not emotional isolation. Let us take this crisis as a chance to envision and commit to new kinds of social cohesion.

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Where have we arrived after this year journey and how did we get here? And where might we be going next? Join us for an hour, a day, a weekend, a week or a month as we delve into the past, present and future of one of the oldest and richest international, transcultural living languages and cultures in the world today — Yiddish!

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The schedule of our workshops and Festival Week follows below. Follow this website and join our newsletter for all of the latest, updated information about faculty, registration, concerts and more! July

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