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Baltics' oldest synagogue reopens in Ludza august 11,1 comment Authors: eng.

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The wooden building is at least years old and is to be unveiled following a restoration lasting over a year, reported Latvian Radio Thursday. The Great Synagogue of Ludza was granted the status of national monument in It's located in the historical center of the city and you can see its bright red facade from the nearby lake.

Entering the freshly renovated synagogue, a faint odor of paint is still in the air.

The premises look simple, even everyday, however the true riches of the place lie in its history. The ceiling is preserved with both the authentic color and the authentic look.

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You can see that the ceiling was taped latvian dating culture newspapers, of which a few fragments have been left there intentionally," said Dzevaltovskis.

The Great Synagogue of Ludza is the oldest synagogue in the Baltics. During its year lifespan it has been rebuilt several times, survived two fires and miraculously remained intact during the second world war.

latvian dating culture

Of the five synagogues of Ludza, this is the only one still standing. Currently the radio niedersachsen partnersuche houses a total of four exhibitions dedicated to the history of the local Jewish community.

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The latvian dating culture library of the synagogue, located on the ground floor, features an exhibit dedicated to the Latvian-Israeli documentary director Herz Frank and his father.

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