Single guys problems, Men's parking space

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single guys problems

To control our experimental setup, we have installed a very good and a rather bad candidate: Dr. Carsten Meier, single physician, eloquent, and Lovis Kuhn, long-term student, offhand and unprofessional in contacting.

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We didn't really want to publish their results, but the result surprised us and sheds light on the extent of the discrimination from another angle: As expected, Dr. Carsten Meier received the most feedback from all test subjects.

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But Lovis Kuhn does not line single guys problems at the end of the scale as expected, but performs better than Ismail Hamed and single guys problems Turkish counterpart Hamit Yilmaz. The cover letter of Lovis Kuhn was always the same, the cover letters for our regular test subjects, in this case Ismail, were randomly selected from ten comparable texts: Due to linguistic subtleties, we did not translate the following, single guys problems german texts Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, mein Name ist Ismail Hamed, ich bin 27 Jahre alt und suche eine Wohnung in München.

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Ich bin ledig, arbeite seit kurzem als Marketing-Manager und kann ein geregeltes Einkommen nachweisen. Die von Ihnen angebotene Wohnung entspricht genau meinen Vorstellungen. Geht das und wenn ja, wann?

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Ich bin 25, absolviere gerade ein Studium in Ethnologie und bin dringend auf der Suche nach einer neuen Bleibe. Bitte melden sie sich. That is exactly what we have noticed in some cases.

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Rationally, for example for economic reasons, this behavior can hardly be explained. And even if Ismail, equipped with a faultless cover letter and a permanent employment, has such problems on the housing market, this gives an idea of the problems faced by migrants who have only recently arrived here. In addition to language and job, politicians repeatedly cite suitable housing as one of the three cornerstones of integration. Without appropriate measures, however, the empty words remain.

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Although there is an anti-discrimination law, the concrete proof of discrimination in the allocation of housing is, however, extremely difficult in individual cases. In this way, landlords and brokers work together to ensure that migrants are effectively discriminated in the housing market. And Ismail doesn't even get to see most of the apartments from the inside.

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Have you had any experience of discrimination in finding accommodation? Or do you have friends who have been discriminated? Write us your story.

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