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In Pusenkoff was nominated for the Kandinsky Prize.

single or taken pictures quotes

In the beginnings of his artistic career Pusenkoff was close to Appropriation Artsince the s he has increasingly turned to Abstract Art. His paintings are now dominated by color, line, and surface.

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These works in which he quotes from art history appear very catchy and "familiar", because the viewer already knows them in other contexts, such as the famous The Black Square by Kasimir Malevich. Pusenkoff also quotes or modifies, for example, works by Josef Albers Homage to Albers,Robert Rauschenberg Erased Rauschenberg,Piet Mondrian Mondrian 2, and other important artists of historical significance.

  1. The best an artist can achieve today is clever reorganization of things long familiar to us.
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These works of Pusenkoff are to be understood and perceived as a statement about the present; cultural criticism takes immanently place in the image.

For Pusenkoff, good art is always also an artistic examination of the Zeitgeist. For him this single single or taken pictures quotes taken pictures quotes dealing with the upheavals of our time through the emergence of computers on an artistic level: "Pusenkoff single or taken pictures quotes a conceptual painter in the sense that he doesn't work spontaneously and intuitively, but that a reflection on questions of image formation, perception, the original and painting in meet singles in owensboro ky media age is the basis of his art.

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The room, which was not originally designed as an exhibition space, was dominated by a meter-long front window, which directed the viewer's gaze outwards and not to the exhibited works of art inside. Pusenkoff developed an installation for this room in which the front window was covered by a wooden wall. The works of art were then installed on this wall: "To block off an enormous windowfront, I built a wall measuring six meters high and 42 meters long.

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This surface was covered by 24 paintings, each two by two meters, as well as smaller copies of these arranged to a particular pattern. The whole resembled an endlessly unfolding molecular matrix. Of major importance was the contrast between the space of the room and that of the window-wall. George Pusenkoff explains: "Actually, the picture was thus created for a very special place on this wall and became a key work for the entire installation.

An observer remarked in June of that year that sheet lightning was flashing at the Wall more often than ever. Demonstrations on August 13, the first anniversary of the Berlin Wall, showed that the West Berlin population was increasingly less willing to tolerate the ongoing division of the city and the violence against people trying to flee. Moreover, the events that led to the death of Peter Fechter on August 17, triggered outrage in West Berlin and kept the city on edge for days. The West Berlin police received the first dispatches at p. One of them, the year-old construction worker Helmut K.

Pusenkoff's art was therefore often compared with Andy Warhols. Like Single or taken pictures quotes, Pusenkoff also uses reproductions and sequences, uses bright colors, and thematizes the comprehensive availability of art objects in the media age.

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Pusenkoff's theme, on the other hand, is the significance of painting as an antithesis to the computer-generated flood of images of the present: "I love painting," says Pusenkoff, and his entire oeuvre impressively testifies to this preference.

He loads pictures from the Internet onto his computer, edits them using Photoshopenlarges or reduces sections, erases them with a digital eraser, etc. He then uses the computer to create his works.

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