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Publikationen Franke, J. Journal of Economic Psychology, 56, The experimental design is based on a modified gift-exchange game with firms specifying contract alternatives and workers deciding about the finally implemented alternative.

The experimental data reveals that workers with participation rights are more single party vechta to single kochkurs ludwigshafen in wage offers: Low wage offers trigger negative reciprocity which dominates the positive incentive effects from high wage offers.

On average, participation in the wage setting process leads to a decline in effort exertion. Management Science, 63 6 The study builds on an existing employer-employee relationship, adding realism to the ongoing research of task meaning.

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Owing to an unexpected project cancelation, we are able to study how varying the information provided about the meaning of previously conducted work—without the use of deception, but still maintaining a high level of control—affects subsequent performance. We observe a strong decline in exerted effort when we inform workers about the meaninglessness of a job already done.

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Our data also suggests that providing a supplemental alternative meaning perfectly compensates for this negative performance effect. Individual characteristics such as reciprocal inclinations and trust prompt different reactions. Does participation increase outcome acceptance? Evidence from a power-to-take experiment.

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Jahrbücher für Nationalökonomie und Statistik, 6 Abstract It is often conjectured that participatory decision single party vechta may increase acceptance, especially of unfavorable decisions. The present paper tests this conjecture in a three-person power-totake experiment. Thus, responders can punish greedy takers, but only at a cost to themselves.

We find that participation matters, but only under special conditions: Responders with participation rights destroy significantly less only if they 1 have reciprocal inclinations, and 2 are confronted with highly unfavorable outcomes. Thus, in line with standard single party vechta modeling and leading classes of behavioral theories, our data suggest that procedural effects of decision making are mostly negligible.

Participatory decision making, voice, player types, power-to-take game, procedural fairness, reciprocity Mertins, V.

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Do overconfident workers cooperate less? The relationship between overconfidence and cooperation in team production. Managerial and Decision Economics, 36 4 We examine the relationship between, and the driving forces behind, individual overconfidence and voluntary cooperation in team production. Greedy and selfish?

single party vechta

Differences in single party vechta preferences of prospective lawyers and managers. German Journal of Human Resource Management, 28 4 Abstract The question of whether lawyers and managers behave selfishly or fairly has inspired discussion for a long time.

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Empirical evidence, however, is sparse. Using data from an experiment with law and business administration students, we investigate this question empirically and provide first evidence.

Our results suggest that law students and business students behave reciprocally, but the degree of reciprocity is higher for lawyers. Surprisingly, it is not university education that makes business students more selfish: candidates seem to undergo a self-selection process before they begin their studies. Wage delegation in the field.

single party vechta

Abstract By conducting a natural field experiment, we test whether a managerial policy of allowing employees to self-determine their wages is as successful as recently single party vechta by laboratory evidence. We find that this policy indeed enhances performance.

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However, our data is clearly at odds with the conjecture of Pareto improvements, since labor costs grow even faster. Admittedly, the performance change is remarkable given that a considerable pay increase has no effect at all. Surprisingly, the data suggests that explicitly denying parts of the workforce this choice boosts performance, too. Risk-sorting and preference for team piece rates.

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Journal of Economic Psychology, partnersuche neumarkt, Abstract Incentive schemes not only influence the effort provision of workers, but might also induce sorting. As drivers of self-selection, the literature mainly focuses on measures of productivity; however, other variables, such as preferences, beliefs and personality, also play a role. With this paper, we contribute to the literature on drivers of self-selection by analyzing the role of perceived wage risks as potential influences on the sorting decision.

To this end, we study a sorting decision between two variable compensation systems, where both options carry wage single party vechta. Specifically, we look at sorting between individual piece rates and team piece rates.

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Single party vechta experimental data, we find evidence for both risk diversification considerations and free-riding concerns i. However, our data does not support the concern of our experimental subjects that others actually reduce their effort when working under team compensation, as compared to individual-based compensation.


The effects of individual judgments about selection procedures: results from a power-to-resist game. The Journal of Socio-Economics, 42, In single party vechta experiment, one individual is selected on the grounds of a particular procedure. This individual is allowed to propose how to allocate a pie among five group members: herself and four responders. After that each responder in the group can decide whether to offer costly resistance against the proposed allocation.

Resistance is modeled as a threshold public good.

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If resistance is successful, the proposer receives nothing. We check for robustness of our results and find that results are stable over two countries.

The presented evidence suggests that procedural effects over and above outcomes are relevant in strategic interaction. Genetic susceptibility for individual cooperation preferences: the role of monoamine oxidase a gene MAOA in the voluntary provision of public goods.

PLoS One, 6 6e

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